Puzzle+: Crosswords for Hangouts

About Puzzle+

Puzzle+ is a Crosswords app for Google+ Hangouts. To learn more about it, visit the home page.

Terms of Service

We make no guarantees. You're on your own!


All your Puzzle+ data lives in Google+. None of it is sent to the Puzzle+ developers.

A bit of Puzzle+ History

Puzzle+ has had a long and circuitous journey. Here's the story:


Dan Erat and Evan Martin create lmnopuz, with a JavaScript frontend and a Ruby backend. The service works, but there's no good place to host it.


After learning about Wave, danvk remembers lmnopuz and writes the code to store crossword state in a wave. Work is abandoned after the realization that there's no way to access uploaded files via JavaScript, a crucial feature of lmnowave.


After going on a hike with another developer, danvk learns that Firefox 3.6 has added support for the HTML5 File API. lmnowave is now possible! Hacking resumes! The project is first released in March.


Wave is canceled, but Douwe Osinga spins the Wave Gadgets API (and hence "lmnowave") into its own product called Google Shared Spaces, a service on Google Labs. danvk ports the project over and changes the name back to lmnopuz.


Google Shared Spaces is killed/morphed into the Google+ Hangouts API. The project is rebranded as "puzzle+" and re-released. Lonely Hangouts is also developed and released to speed up iteration on multiplayer scenarios.